Do the impossible whilst playing with friends in Among Us!
Among Us has never been so fun when playing with friends, these new free mods allow you to have next level fun whilst playing with your closest friends in online games within Among Us.
Take the game to the next level by being able to control aspects of the game to maximize your enjoyment whilst playing. These mods are also free to download
Please follow the video tutorial by clicking the button below for more details on how to install this if you require more information. There is also a video above which explains how to easily install this on PC and Mobile.
It is recommended that you watch the install tutorial video before attempting to install the mod yourself.This way you will not waste any of your precious time trying to work out how this can be installed and used.
Bluestacks can also be installed by clicking the blue button below, this free software acts as an emulator which allows you to play the free game Among Us on PC as well as mobile.