The following video tutorial will show you how to get your Modded Xbox RGH online allowing you to play with other players.

Please read this page carefully and take your time before emailing us for support, as all questions/problems you might have will be answered on this page!

Please note the first video tutorial below is for those who purchased a hard drive with their modded Xbox, if you purchased a console only without a hard drive please look at the second video instead.

When purchasing a modded Xbox from L321 with a hard drive, we install everything you need free of charge, all you have to do is follow the video below to finish setting up your Xbox.

If you haven’t purchased a RGH KV yet we would recommend you do so as it allows you to play online with your Modded Xbox and can also be used to unban the console too. You can get a RGH KV from us by clicking here.

If your console gets a black screen after the Xbox Logo shows up, and the Xbox appears to have frozen. Turn off the Xbox, turn it on and wait 1 second, open the disk tray and the console will boot. Now follow the guide below.

So turn the console on and your console will boot to the dashboard, the first thing you need to do is connect to wifi. If you have purchased a phat console you will need a WIFI adaptor if you don’t already have one. If you own a slim console, just go to system settings > network and now connect to your wifi.

If done correctly your connection should fail and say it’s blocked. Now if you wish to play online with other players you will need to purchase time on your stealth server, if you don’t want to play online you can skip this step and begin installing your games, click here to view our installing games tutorial.

All our consoles will come with Xbonline stealth server, you can purchase time for it by clicking here.

Please follow the video below for more details on how to setup your Xbox

Getting your Modded Xbox online using a Xbox NOT purchased with a hard drive from L321

This second video tutorial is for those who didn’t purchase a hard drive with their console, this could be described as the tutorial for the more advanced players/gamers as there is more steps involved in setting up the console. However, you can use your own hard drive which can be beneficial in many ways.

Click here to download all the files you’ll need