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Getting your Xbox RGH Setup and Online

This page will show you how to get your Modded Xbox RGH online allowing you to play with other players. Please read this page carefully and take your time before emailing us for support, as all questions/problems you might have will be answered on this page! Buying a Xbox RGH console with a hard drive is always recommended as we install all the necessary files onto the hard drive before we ship your console. After you get your Xbox, all you have to do is follow the video below or text tutorial to finish setting up your Xbox.

Every Xbox RGH console will come with a KV (if you bought a hard drive from us). A KV is a file which can unban the console from Xbox Live, one of these are always required on a Xbox when playing, if it gets banned you will need another. However, most stealth servers these days will take months or even years to get banned. If you would like a new KV, you can do by clicking here.

If your console gets a black screen after the Xbox Logo shows up, and the Xbox appears to have frozen. Turn off the Xbox, turn it on and wait 1 second, open the disk tray and the console will boot. Please also refer to the video above for more detail on this issue.

All our consoles will come with Xbonline stealth server, you will get 7 days free time when you receive your console. Once this runs out, you can purchase time for it by clicking here

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