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How to Install Games on a Xbox 360 RGH

There is many different ways to install games using your Modded Xbox. The best way is using an application named Freestyle dash, this will be installed on every console we sell on our website free of charge. If you don’t have freestyle dash, click here to download it.

How to install games using freestyle dash:

  1. Load XeX menu and find your folder named freestyle dash
  2. Load up freestyle dash by clicking default.xex
  3. Once the freestyle dashboard loads. Now enter the disk of the game you’d like to install
  4. Wait for the game to register and then press up on your D-pad and navigate to DVD extract
  5. Now tick the system update box
  6. Click start copy
  7. Your game will now be installed.


Once completed you can remove the disk and play the game.

If there is a scratch on the disk the game will not install, make sure it is scratch/dirt free.

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