Why use L321 promotions?

L321 offers some of the best advertising and marketing opportunities for mod developers and providers. Over the years L321 has promoted and advertised some of the biggest and most successful mod menus and products such as Anomalous, Annihilation, XbOnline Stealth Service and many more.


L321 offers quick and effective methods to maximize your potential by projecting your product to thousands of people, therefore generating more traffic and customers to your website. We aim to not only direct new customers and traffic to your website, but using our proven strategies, direct targeted customers who are interested in your niche and therefore become consistent business.


We accomplish this by creating a detailed and user friendly walkthrough video of your product which is constructed to outline all of your amazing features within the product which is then produced to thousands of people via YouTube and other forms of social media. Your specialized video will also be published on the official L321 website which obtains 3000-6000 daily visits according to an up to date metric from Google Analytics.


Within the ‘modding’ community there isn’t many other providers that can deliver this service, especially to the level you’ll receive if you decide to work with us.

The pricing below reflects what services we provide and display the benefits of each service.

Please note: all services are 100% delivered within 31 days of purchase.

Gain more customers 100%
Gain more website traffic 100%
Have your product promoted to thousands of people 100%
L321 Promotion Package
One Time Payment
31 Day Delivery
Get your product out to thousands
A Specialized video uploaded to our YouTube channel
Full gameplay of your product features shown within our video
New paying customers & more traffic pushed to your website
Direct link to your website in our video description
15k-30k+ Views!
On screen display of where and how to buy your product
Super fast results
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