Modded Xbox 360 Slim RGH Deadpool with Blue LED’s

$ 182.65

  • Worldwide Xbox 360 RGH delivery
  • Play vintage games SNES, ATARI, SEGA, N64, PS1, PS2
  • Ability to modify your favourite games
  • Install free games direct to your hard drive
  • Unlimited Xbox dashboard customisation
  • Professional Installs by qualified technicians
  • Professionally serviced and Cleaned

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Delivery options: We can deliver anywhere in the world with well over 2000 sales worldwide. What we offer is as follows:

Free 14 day delivery for UK customers or you can choose to pay a little extra for 48-hour fast delivery.

We deliver worldwide within 7-10 days of order. We have delivered to over 140 countries worldwide.

What You Can Do With An Xbox 360 RGH Console?

Superior gameplay: With an RGH Xbox 360 you have the ability to modify and cheat many games. 360 games are shared on the same servers as Xbox One players, you can, therefore, enjoy gameplay with Xbox One player’s as well. You can use mod menus to offer your friends game cheats and access to mod menus opening up hundreds of possibilities within the most recognised and popular games. You can control you in gameplay like never before.

Install your games: We all know continuous use of your games lead to damage and scratches, worst case they won’t run in your Xbox 360. Owning an RGH Xbox allows you can keep your games collection in pristine condition. You can install your games directly to your Xbox 360 hard drive which offers quick start-up and immediate gameplay.

Vintage games: Your Xbox 360 RGH will allow you to uses emulators which give you access to play over 2500 vintage games. You can play Sega, Nintendo, N64, Atari, PlayStation 1 & 2 and 50% of the original titles for the Xbox Original. You can, therefore, play your favourite retro games straight from the RGH Xbox 360.

Regional games: Depending on where you live in the world Xbox 360 games is “Locked Out” from other regions and therefore cannot be played with a normal Xbox sold within a specific region. Owning an RGH Xbox 360 allows you to open up all regional games from anywhere around the world. This gives you access to over 2500 +++ games.

Incredible tools and software: With an RGH Xbox 360 you can connect your console to mod tools installed on your PC which allows you to change your Xbox Live Gamertag to anything you want, have the ability to modify other players, end and restart online games adjust internal fan speed and move files over WI-FI to your console and much more.

Mod Menus: You can also get free or pay for mod menus for various games to add features such as invincibility, unlock all, mod your friend’s accounts, and so much more to improve your gaming experience.

Polite Notice: RGH consoles take time to learn how to them and understand the functionality of the software within them, therefore, please take your time in learning how to use them to get the full benefits from an Xbox 360 RGH console. Please ensure you take a look at our terms and conditions before purchasing your items.

Xbox 360 accessories: You can get various accessories for your Xbox 360 in the L321 Mods website so please take a look around as we are sure there will be something for you to compliment your RGH Xbox 360.

What You Get When You Buy An Xbox 360 RGH?

Remember an RGH Xbox 360 allows you to do things a normal retail console owner cannot do!

Choice of memory: When buying an Xbox 360 RGH from us you can select what hard drive you will need to manage your games collection. Already own an RGH console?  Why not purchase a larger memory hard drive.

You can also choose what hard drive suits your requirements. An estimate of how many games can be added to a hard drive based on its capacity is as follows:

20GB:  2 games  60GB:  6 games 120GB:  14 games  250GB:  31 games  320GB:  55 games  500GB: 62 games 1TB:  138 games

Here Is What We Offer With Our Xbox 360 RGH

Professionally Installed RGH: At The L321 Mods, we pride ourselves on producing and delivering professionally completed RGH/JTAG Xbox 360’s in “Phat” and “Slim” models. All work is carried out by a professionally trained engineer with nine years’ experience.

Quick Start-Up: How quickly a 360 console boot up is a clear measurement of how professionally an Xbox modification has been carried out. Our RGH Xbox’s take literally seconds to boot to ensure you are online or playing your games without any delay.       

Professionally cleaned: If you have owned an Xbox 360 “Phat or “Slim” before you will be aware of them being dust magnets and catchers. The Xbox’s are forensically cleaned before the sale as dusty internal parts can lead to overheating and red ring issues. Cleaning also increases the performance and reliability of a console.

Blue interior lighting (LED’s): We offer RGH Xbox 360’s fitted with blue internal LED lighting this enhances the appearance of your console while in use.

Multi-Coloured remote-controlled Interior lighting (LED’s): Multi-coloured remote controlled LED lighting enhances the appearance of the console. With MClED’S you have the choice of many colours and themes to use making your Xbox look outstanding.

Pre-loaded plugins: To make sure our customers can get straight into using their Xbox to the maximum, L321 Mods pre-load all of the required software plugins you need to increase the functionality and get you online immediately.

XeX menu: This application is essential and we install it on all our consoles free of charge, it allows you to install your games, manage games, mod games and is the hub for all your RGH Xbox needs

Dashlaunch: Another essential application which gets installed on all Xbox’s before being delivered. This manages your mods and stealth servers for getting on Xbox Live.

Freestyle dash: With freestyle dash, you have the ability to customise your dashboard using custom skins, boot up, animations, sounds, notifications and so much more. We install this on all consoles free of charge

Neighbourhood: This is a free programme that you can get on your PC, which links to your console allowing you to put files onto your hard drive via your PC

XbOnline: All our consoles have XbOnline Stealth Server installed, they offer a seven-day free trial to use their service allowing you to get straight on Xbox Live from the get-go.

KV (Key Vault): A key vault is a critical file which is installed on all Xbox’s we send out KV’s are used to unban your console giving you the ability to play on after your box is banned.

Increased reliability: Although the Xbox 360 is very reliable already you can increase its reliability by loading your own games direct onto the Xbox hard drive heavily reducing the wear and tear of moving parts within the Xbox 360. This stops issues with Disc Trays, Disc readers and damage to your games CD’s protection your games collection.

Fix and Replace Warranty: If you should find a fault within the first 30 days of receiving it we can fix or replace the unit. Please note we have never had an RGH Xbox 360 returned which has had any electronic or parts failure. Never add software on your RGH Xbox 360 from an unknown source as it could invalidate your warranty and damage you Xbox.

L321 Mods & its owners do not support or condone any form of game piracy. We do not install games onto the Xbox’s we sell. If you like a particular game, go buy it, as games for the Xbox 360 are very cheap and easily accessible.

All Xbox 360 consoles may have very minor signs of previous wear.

For those who need more convincing about buying an Xbox 360 RGH take a look at this independent video from another popular YouTuber

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