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Modded Xbox 360 Slim RGH Weed with Blue LED’s

$ 165.76

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What you are considering purchasing:

Modded Xbox 360 Slim RGH Weed with Blue LED’s (One time only, once it’s gone its gone!)


This is what you can do with a Modded Xbox:

  • Get mod menus on games
  • Mod a huge selection of games such as Call of Duty, GTA 5, Battlefield and more
  • Play SEGA, SNES, Xbox original games and more
  • Install games to the hard drive and no longer use the disk
  • +So much more



Delivery options:

  • 48-hour delivery available for the UK only
  • Free 14 day UK delivery
  • Worldwide delivery available


What you can do with a Modded Xbox RGH?

Mod/Cheat on Many Games!: You have the ability with a modded Xbox 360 RGH/JTAG, to modify and cheat on many games such as Call of Duty, GTA 5, Battlefield, Halo and many, many more. Most of these games also share the same servers as Xbox One players so you can mod and play with Xbox One players as well. Give yourself mod menus, give your friends cheats such as a mod menu which enables hundreds of possibilities within games such as Call of Duty, GTA 5 and more. These mod menus include god mode, stat editors, object spawners trolling player options, recovery options and change in-game aspects you could never do with a retail console. Or just use these incredible features for yourself and be in control of all aspects in the game like never before. Once you have a modded Xbox, these mods can be used for free!

Install your Games: With a modded Xbox you can install your games to the consoles hard drive, this allows you to play without needing to use the disk. You can load straight into a game so much faster than a normal retail, you also can install your mods/mod menus with ease.

Our Console’s are Setup for you: When buying a modded xbox from us, you can select which hard drive you’d like. You can use your own hard drive if you wish but if you purchase a hard drive from us it will already be setup for you!

If you need help deciding which hard drive to select, here is a estimate of how many games can be installed to each hard drive:

  • 20GB: 2 Games
  • 60GB: 6 Games
  • 120GB: 14 Games
  • 250GB: 31 Games
  • 320GB: 55 Games


Play Vintage & Regional Games: Your Modded Xbox 360 will give you access to play over 1500 vintage and original games from Sega/Nintendo and at least 50% of the original titles for the Xbox original. You will be able to play most of your favourite retro games straight from the Xbox. Depending on where you live in the world Microsoft games are “Locked Out” from other regions and cannot be played. Owning a modded Xbox 360 it allows you to play games from any region in the world.

Endless Customization: You can customize your dashboard using custom skins, custom boot up animations, custom sounds, customs notifications, and so much more. Our modded Xbox’s will arrive with free style dash already installed for you, allowing you to customize your dashboard straight away!

Incredible Mod Tools and Software: With a modded Xbox you can connect your console to mod tools installed on your PC which allow you to do things such as changing your username to anything you like in online games, modify other players, end and restart online games, adjust xbox fan speeds, move files onto your console over wifi and a lot more.

What you are getting when you buy modded Xbox 360 from L321?

Please note although we do clean and take great care of the consoles we sell, they are second hand consoles and they may consist of light scratches.

Professionally Modded: At L321 we pride ourselves on producing and delivering professionally modified (modded) Xbox 360’s in “Phat” and “Slim” models. The modifications are completed by our engineer who has nine years’ experience in modding consoles. This ensures we can deliver affordable Xbox’s as well as using the best and reliable electronics hardware and materials available for our customers.

Quick boot: How quickly a console boot up is a clear measurement of how professionally an Xbox modification has been carried out. Our modded Xbox’s take literally seconds to boot straight to your dashboard.

Professionally Cleaned: If you have owned an Xbox 360 “Phat or “Slim” before you will be aware of them being dust magnets and catchers. This can very easily lead to overheating and red ring issues. L321 make sure all Xbox’s supplied are forensically and professionally cleaned before the modding process takes place. By carrying out this task we aim to increase the performance and reliability of any console we supply.

Increased Reliability: Although the Xbox 360 is very reliable already you can increase its reliability by loading your games direct onto the Xbox hard drive significantly reducing the wear and tear of moving parts within the Xbox and vastly reducing the use of the draw mechanism.

30 Day Fix and Replace Warranty: If there is a fault with your console within the first 30 days of receiving it, you can send it back to use and we can fix/replace the console free of charge. This is something a lot of other sites do not offer.



Copyright Software products: ‍All software products sold on the L321 Mods website, subpages and subsites have been created by external third parties who own the copyright of the product we sell and it’s coding. Therefore we will not accept that L321mods infringe other parties copyright on any of their products.

L321 Mods & its owners do not support or condone any form of game piracy. Our consoles and products are only intended for hobbyists and enthusiasts, for playing with legitimate backups and only if you own a retail copy of the game. We do not install games onto the xbox’s we sell, if you like the game go buy it! Games for the Xbox 360 are very cheap.

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