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Xbox 360 Phat Modded & Preloaded Hard Drive 120GB

$ 19.94


What you are considering purchasing:

Xbox 360 Phat Modded & Preloaded Hard Drive 120GB


Delivery options:

  • Free Worldwide 3-5 Day Delivery

Please note: You can get a hard drive with a Modded Xbox RGH and it will be discounted, or you can purchase a hard drive individually by purchasing this product!


What does the Modded Xbox 360 Hard Drive include?

This hard drive is for the PHAT Xbox 360 console and will be fully setup for your allowing you to start modding right from the beginning! This is such a great product for those who want to get playing right away without worrying about setting up their console. All the important files required will already be installed on this hard drive for you and will be delivered straight to your doorstep. The following is what will be installed on this hard drive:

  • XeX Menu Installed
  • Dashlaunch Installed
  • Freestyle Dashboard Installed (customise your Xbox dashboard to the next level)
  • All plugins fully setup for you
  • Stealth server installed allowing you to mod and play on Xbox Live
  • The hard drive is 120GB allowing you to install over 14 games!
  • Setup for newbies
  • Fully setup and ready to get playing online (Modding your games and getting Mod Menus, playing vintage SNES games, customising your dashboard and so much more)


Please note: to use the amazing features you will require a Modded Xbox RGH/JTAG, this hard drive will not work on a normal retail console. If you don’t already own a Modded Xbox you can purchase one from our shop and have one of these hard drives arrive with your Xbox. 


What happens after purchase?

After purchase your item will be delivered within 3-5 days, you will also receive a tracking number allowing you to track your package to your door.


Refund Policy?

If you have a problem with your order please contact our customer service email and we’ll do our best to help you. A refund and return will be issued if there is a technical fault with the product, but will only be valid 30 days after the purchase is made.

1 review for Xbox 360 Phat Modded & Preloaded Hard Drive 120GB

  1. Amy j

    Came with everything I needed on the hard drive as im new to this, very helpful! Thanks a lot

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