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How to Unban Your Xbox with a RGH KV

A Keyvault (Or KV for short) is a file that can be found on your console’s hard drive. These files hold your Xbox system’s unique serial number. Once a Modded Xbox receives a message on screen saying the console has been banned for whatever reason (cheating etc) you can purchase a new KV and install the file unbanning the console in just a few minutes. If your modded console fails to connect to Xbox Live, your current console KV might be banned so to resolve the problem simply, purchase another RGH KV and you’ll be able to connect to Xbox Live.

A word of warning, there are other sellers out there who sell either already used Keyvaults (KV’s) or banned Keyvaults (KV’s) so choosing your supplier is critical. L321 Mods sells 100% unbanned and unshared KV’s!

The best paid stealth servers will protect you from getting banned, some servers such as Xbonline can keep your KV unbanned for months/years.


Here is how to install your RGH KV.

  1. Assuming you have already Bought your New KV.
  2. You want to extract the files onto your Desktop (We recommend creating a folder named New KV)
  3. If you Have been given a KV named KV_dec.bin. Rename that to KV.bin. Once we have completed that step we can now move on.
  4. Head over to Xbox Neighborhood (Click here to download it)
  5. Click on your JTAG, Go to HDD1 and drag the KV.bin file inside.
    (If you are given a CPU key, drag that onto the root aswell)
  6. Now turn off your JTAG / RGH
  7. Turn it back on and it should restart itself.
  8. Allow it to do so and you have now installed your new KV.


We always recommend using paid stealth servers as they make your KV’s last longer, you get what you pay for.

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