Getting Your Xbox Up and Running

To make sure you can run and play with your Xbox effectively you will need as a minimum the software downloads we have listed below. You can also use these to reload any software onto your Xbox if it has been corrupted or damaged in any way.

If you have purchased a Modded Xbox 360 from L321, all support software is pre-loaded onto your Xbox before delivery and ready for you play to use your Xbox

Here is a list of the required plugins with an overview of what they are and what they do

Freestyle Dashboard: Freestyle dash is a custom Dashboard where you can view games you have downloaded or onto your Xbox 360 through the Xex menu and run them.

You can also rip/download your games onto your Xbox 360 using Dashlaunch (also in Xex menu), run emulators for other consoles, system link with other consoles and much more! You can customise the look of your dashboard and how it is set up to suit your preferences and style. Here is an example of Freestyle Dash:

What is an emulator?  In computing, an emulator is hardware or software that enables one computer system (called the host) to behave like another computer system (called the guest). An emulator typically enables the host system to run software or use peripheral devices designed for the guest system.

Download “Freestyle Dash ” from L321 below:

Xex menu: Xex Menu is an application that all RGHs and Jtag modded Xbox 360’s absolutely require. This allows you to edit/add/remove files from your console. L321 always take care to ensure our free software comes from a reputable and trusted source. Here is what your Xex menu looks like:

L321 have produced a “Tutorial” video for this Item under our tutorials section on this website.

WARNING: Certain plugins can and will stop your console from working, so be careful and make sure the source of where the .Xex file comes from is trusted!!

Download “Xex Menu” from L321 below:

Dash Launch: Dashlaunch is an Application you can download and run through Xex Menu. It is designed to set plugins to your console, so that you can connect your Modded Xbox to your PC through Xbox 360 Neighborhood, set up stealth, and use RPC tools.

Download “Dash Launch” software from L321 below:

Neighborhood: With your console set up with the basics you will need to prepare your Computer (PC) to prepare to host online. You must download X360 Neighborhood to do this. X360 Neighborhood is an application that links your console and PC over Wi-Fi. The home screen looks like this:

In order for your neighborhood to work, you need to set a plugin called “Xbdm.exe” this is why dashlaunch is so important, as you need it to link your Xbox 360 to your computer. Neighborhood is a key ingredient to using modding tools like RPC, XRPC, JRPC, RTE and gold spoofers.

Download “Neighborhood” software from L321 below:

What you’ll need to set up Neighborhood:

USB/Thumb drive with 1gb+ space on it

Working windows PC (windows 7 or higher)

A RGH/JTAG Xbox 360

  1. Download neighborhood and set it up on your pc.
  2. Download Xbdm.xex and copy it to your flash drive
  3. Go onto your Rgh/Jtag, and connect your console to your wifi. If you do this correctly, it will not console ban you. Simply type in your wifi password, and when your console is performing a “xbox live connection test”, press “B’. This will keep your console linked to your router, but not to Xbox live services.
  4. Copy XBDM.xex to your hdd
  5. Save your plugins on dashlaunch by clicking RB, hover over HDD and click “X”. This will save your dashlaunch settings to your console when you exit
  6. Open up XeX menu, and keep clicking RB until you get to the page on XeX menu that shows your GPU and CPU temperatures, and your console’s IP Address.
  7. Go and click “add Xbox 360” on neighborhood, and type in your console’s IP Address. Note: your console and computer must be on the same Wi-Fi network for this to work.

It will prompt you to select this console as default Xbox, simply click yes and you’re good to go with neighborhood!

Now all you need to do is enjoy your gaming experience!



To Make this short and simple these plugins are to help your tools connect to your console and you would normally put them in plugin 4 or 5 normally 4 if you have a second menu in 5

  • Plugin 1 – xbdm.xex (this is the main plugin needed to connect to anything ever)
  • Plugin 2 – normally stealth server
  • Plugin 3 – Type of menu etc (let’s say gta menu.xex )
  • Plugin 4 – JRPC
  • Plugin 5 – JRPC2 (These two basically help with connections and loading up whatever. (They kind of work as the launch.ini in most)

Download the plugins you’ll need by clicking the button below

Disclaimer: Although L321 likes to try and help the gaming community with tutorials this website is for educational purposes and we cannot accept any responsibility for any issue which may occur in setting up your Modded Xbox. Just a polite reminder L321 does sell Xbox’s already setup which doesn’t require you to read through these tutorials.

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